A Nice Friday Off

February 12, 2010 – 4:15 pm

Today was my Friday off, and as I had to drop Shaun at the airport, I took the opportunity to explore the Southcenter Mall. It’s the newest mall in the region and was very nice. Many many stores that enginerd me could not care any less about, but also some fun ones like the Tokyo Lifestyle store that had tons of fun bento boxes, Japanese candy, toys, and kitchen gadgets. I restrained myself and only got a small Totoro plush keychain that I’m going to hang in my cubicle at work. I ended up trying two restaurants there as well.

First I tried the chowder sampler at Duke’s Chowder House. I enjoyed them all, but my two favorite were the classic clam chowder and the lobster bourbon chowder. They brought out 5 little bowls that each held 2.5 ounces of soup, so I got to try all 5 in a nice portion that ended up being a great first course for lunch. Duke’s was a bit pricey, but tasty. I’d definitely consider going again for a special occasion.

After walking around the mall some more, I found the food court, which had quite a few good looking options, but I decided I had to try Chicken Now. They do made to order fried chicken fingers. They don’t have any heat lamps or steam trays. You order your chicken and only then do they put it in the fryer. They had the temperature perfect, so I got two gorgeous deep golden brown chicken fingers that were not at all greasy and a small side of piping hot fries.

All in all a very nice afternoon! I hope that Shaun has a good flight and as good a weekend as possible. He is looking forward to seeing his dad and stepmom.


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