Video Games

System Key


PS2=PlayStation 2


GBA=Game Boy Advance

SNES=Super Nintendo

N64=Nintendo 64

Chrono Trigger

A SNES RPG classic.

Chrono Cross

The sequel. A PS game.

Final Fantasy Series

All great games. My favorite is FFVI. SNES, PS, PS2.

Okage: Shadow King.

An underrated PS2 RPG. The combat system is a bit tedious though.

Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat

A fun PS2 adventure/action game.

Sky Odyssey

A fun PS2 flight emulator/adventure game. Missions aren't realistic, nor is the flight control perfect, but a great game.

Ace Combat 4

The PS2 combat flight emulator. Controls very well, cool missions.

Breath of Fire Series

Another excellent RPG series. SNES, PS, GBA.

Golden Sun

An original GBA RPG. Good story line, good gameplay. Cool Djinni. Can't wait for the sequel.

Klonoa 2 and Klonoa: Empire of Dreams

Fun platforming games. PS2 and GBA respectively.

Civilization II

A fun PC strategy game

Advance Wars

A cool GBA strategy game

The Sims

An oddly addicting people simulation game for PC.

Mario Kart

A fun kart racing game. GBA, SNES, N64.