Steamed Dungeness Crab

December 15, 2008 – 3:57 am

For dinner last night we had some fresh steamed dungeness crab. They’re just coming into season and are now quite affordable at the grocery store. They’re a great local treat, but it is a lot of messy work to get at the meat, especially if you’re unfamiliar with them. Here is a great link from Instructables on how to cook, clean and eat a whole crab. I steamed my two crabs for about 12 minutes over plain boiling water, let them cool for a few minutes, then served with a dipping sauce made of equal parts butter and lemon juice with a few shakes of Chipotle Tabasco. It was a very tasty, simple dinner.

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  2. Mmm – that is one tasty looking crab! (Although he looks a bit sad… perhaps he knows his fate) 🙂

    By Joelen on Dec 15, 2008

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