Product Review: Oscar Mayer Selects Turkey Hot Dogs

December 30, 2012 – 11:47 am

We picked up some Oscar Mayer Selects Turkey Dogs at the store yesterday, looking for a healthier but still tasty option to satisfy a hot dog craving. We enjoyed some of the other products in the Selects line, and were hopeful for these.

We heated some up for lunch and were very pleasantly surprised and pleased. These taste like good, high quality, spiced and smokey links, with practically no grease. Give these a try, even if you aren’t trying to eat healthier. We’ve found our new go-to hot dog!

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  2. I discovered these last summer after I had to go on a healthier eating plan in order to drop some weight. Even when I get back to eating more “normally” these will still be my hot dog of choice: I honestly prefer them even to my former favorite which was those Ball Park Angus franks. (As good as Hebrew National and Nathan’s might taste, the amount of grease they contain was off-putting to me even before I changed my eating habits). Btw: I’ve gone from 285 to 230 (and a 44 waist to a loose 38 waist) since last June and never really felt hungry or deprived. =)

    By John Carlson on Jan 24, 2014

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