Growing Washington CSA – Week 1

June 21, 2012 – 5:54 pm

Growing Washington’s Community Supported Agriculture Boxes have started this week. Yay! Here’s my first box:

  1. Honey Sticks – NW Sampler
  2. Thyme
  3. Cherries-Rainier
  4. Cherries-Rainier
  5. Dried Heirloom Beans
  6. Free-Range Eggs
  7. Lettuce-Butterhead
  8. Baby Turnips
  9. Asparagus

The cherries were a good batch, especially for so early in the season, and they’re already gone – we ate them right out of the bag. 🙂 The lettuce went into a salad that accompanied tonight’s chicken noodle soup. I’m looking forward to sampling some of the local honeys – the flavors in my pack are raspberry blossom, wildflower, blackberry blossom, fireweed, and clover.

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  2. It all looks delicious 🙂 We don’t have CSA handy here so I try to buy local from Greenfields or somewhere else local. We did get Washington cherries from costco though- yum

    By mom on Jun 23, 2012

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