Bob’s Burgers and Brew and Gelato’icous Desserts

November 13, 2010 – 7:09 pm

A couple restaurant reviews today from today’s adventure outside the house 😛

First, we tried out Bob’s Burgers and Brew for lunch. They just opened a location on Everett Mall Way, and we were curious. There are a few other locations throughout Washington, mostly north. They have a good assortment of burgers, grilled sandwiches, salads, and a few entree plates, as well as a breakfast menu that looked quite good. I quite liked that I could get a salad instead of fries. They seem to put their “savory sauce,” some mayo concoction, on most everything, but it wasn’t overwhelming, and they’re happy to leave it off if you ask. I tried the Fresh Mushroom Burger today, and Shaun got a Grilled Savory Chicken Burger. We both quite liked our meals. Next time I’ll have to try the Squirrel Sandwich 🙂 It’s a grilled roast beef, swiss cheese, and tomato sandwich made on sourdough bread. Sounds right up my alley. We’ll definitely be going back here.

Next we stopped by Gelato’icous, a pretty new little gelato and coffee shop, also on Everett Mall Way. It’s tucked back in a little shopping center, a bit out of the way, which I think might be hurting it business-wise, sadly, because I really want them to stay around! We were the only customers in there. The owners were very nice and very enthusiastic about their gelato and pastries, and oh my goodness were the flavors good. I tried the chocolate, pumpkin, creme brulee, and salted caramel flavors and ended up getting a little dish with a small scoop of pumpkin and a small scoop of chocolate. I’ll have try some of the fruit flavors next time. Definitely an occasional treat, but hopefully a regular one too 🙂

So, yeah, this week has not been so great calorie wise, and I probably won’t loose any weight this week, but hopefully I won’t gain either, as I’ve been keeping moving and my Weight Watchers tracker says I should be okay by a slim margin 😛 The new restaurants today were fun, and the sanity break in middle of some overtime was definitely worth it. We stopped by Target today too and got their new seasonal penguin mugs and some other little decorations and some candy to take into work. Good stuff 🙂

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